Welcome to Perros A Punto, the place where we can help you if you have Problems with your pet if you want to give it Education for a better coexistence, if you want to train for Agility or Assistance dog, if you can not let it with someone when you will travel you can host in our Residence, or if you want to make a Photo Book to remember.

Treatment 100% personalized and friendly to each animal, responsibility and seriousness.

Our team is highly qualified for the work we do.

We work in Malaga and province.

We have everything you need for your dog is "A Punto" and in perfect physical and mental.

Thank you very much for visiting and we hope to help them.


  • Expert in behavior problems, behavior modification, Consultant and Certified canine Therapist AEPE in the Masters Course in Advanced Canine Ethology, 800 hours of teaching, 2008.
  • Trainer Assistance Dogs for People with Disabilities by the Bocalán Foundation, 2009 (Madrid).
  • Seminars on Assisted Therapy Dogs by the psychotherapist Peggy Gilbert, director of Therapeutic Body Lincoln, 2008-2010 (Madrid).
  • Agility Seminar conducted by Carlos Mateos in Lealcan Canine Center, 2008 (Madrid).
  • Seminar on "Nose Work", taught by Anne Lill Kvam and organized by AEPA-Euskadi (Leganés), 2009.
  • Animal Communicator Course taught by Olga Porqueras Arderius, 2009 (Madrid).
  • Dog Aggression Seminar taught by Jaime Vidal "Santi" and organized by Dogstar (Madrid), March 2011.
  • Fear, Stress and Aggression Seminar taught by Marcos J. Ibañez, director of Takoda, and organized by Lealcan (Madrid), April 2011.
  • Partner of AEPE
  • Andalusia Representative Lincoln Therapeutic Canine Corps (Madrid)
  • Introduction to Agility Course taught by Virginia Garrido, organized by Veterinary Ethology Service (Málaga), April 2012.
  • Representante de Lincoln